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SPYWARE | The internet spy

Although it sounds like something like a sci-fi movie but spyware is all too real. These can be any software that installs itself on the machines and starts covertly monitoring your online activities without your knowledge or permission. These are kinds of malware that secretly gather information about the enterprises and share the data with other parties. Spywares uses all your assets as an internet connection to relay your organization's information also the other form of spyware hijacks your browser to another website.

Not all data collection programs are Spywares as long as the user further fully understand what data is getting collected and with whom it is being shared these Spywares are mostly classified into four types which are adware, system monitors, tracking including web tracking, and trojan.

This spyware is mostly used to steal information and store the internet users. These spywares is way too different from viruses or worm in case of spreading to organizations as the infected systems generally do not attempt to transmit and copy the software to another computer. Most of this spyware installs itself without the knowledge or by using deceptive tactics. These spyware rarely operate alone on the computer a spyware infected organization usually has multiple infections.


  1. Use anti-spyware scanners.

  2. Adjust the browser security setting.

  3. Be very wary of pop-ups.

  4. Do not ignore terms and conditions.

  5. Install plugins that block trackers.

  6. understanding that free is never free.

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