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Innovating the Future of Security.Be alert today for safe tomorrow

Cybot-X Technologies is a part some of world largest incubators and accelerators also a DPIIT recognised startup working on advancing the cyber security products and services to strengthen the digital security.

Image by Adi Goldstein

Cybot-X Technologies is a part of Nvidia inception program as a AI startup developing AI based cyber security systems having ability to learn and adapt network according to behaviour.


Cybot-X technologies is incubate by Nasscom 10,000 startup for rapid prototyping of AI based products and for advancing the technology using AI and ML.Also to automate the current services using AI and ML.

Incubated by 10000 startup logo(Propotio

Cybot-X Technologies joins  the world’s leading innovation platform, a unique ecosystem that connects change-makers and leading organizations.

Image by Marvin Meyer

Cybot-X Technologies is a DPIIT recognised startup on startup India portal working on advancement of cyber security systems to strengthen the digital security.

Image by Skye Studios
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